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Product Manager
Team Leader
Human Being

Seven years of designing, launching, and managing websites and mobile apps that people love to use — Designing beautiful and functional user experiences with clean, elegant and efficient code.

" Do good and good will come back to you. Listen to your soul, identify the difference between right and wrong, and then see. Life will become a beautiful experience to you. "
, Front End Developer
— Vijay Arora
I love my Country India - Vijay Arora

— Clients Verdict —

“ We are delighted to say that so far our experience with you has been excellent. We are happy with the prompt support for our VELITE website from your end. It has helped us. All the best to you for future. ”

— Sanjiv Verma ( Velite Health Care )

“ Vijay Arora is a very talented, energetic and visionary person. He can grasp the ideas and needs of the clients at one go and deliver the products to their satisfaction. He developed the web page of the Dept. Of Plant Breeding and Genetics of PAU to my satisfaction. ”

— Dr KS Thind, Additional Director Research (Crop Improvement) , PAU, Ludhiana.

— Portfolio —

Here you will find some projects recently created by me.

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